On-site warranty

30 Days warranty is covering small used copier and printer to used large format printer "Plotter". Used interactive whiteboard "Smartboard" or used mailing equipment will be guaranteed to work as proposed and we support by demo and training if necessary.
Because all of our customers are business people we understand that no one should buy used office equipment or device and sets beside trying to fix! And we also understand that the majority of offices don't have technical or IT Department to keep repairing the "Just Purchased Device".
You paid money to invest in working       thing even it was used office equipment, and not to waste your time and money.
For that we include 30 days warranty on all office equipment we sell that even made us stronger in our market.

Happy customers is a happy business!  


Delivery - Shipping - Customer Pickup

When you buy our used office equipment online, over the phone or in store, it doesn't matter or worries you the delivery or shipping. Whatever a small used printer, production color copier or even used plotter "large format" we use our trucks, load and unload your equipment, and have professional technicians go with the equipment to install, make the demo and training.
Currently, we are covering the major cities and metro areas in Texas and Oklahoma in radius of 300 miles of our main office in Dallas, Texas
- We want to be sure that we can serve our customers and be behind our warranty
- We have office equipment reseller in Austin, Houston, San Antonio and Oklahoma City
You can arrange to ship using your courier or one of preferred like (UPS and YRC) and we will prepare everything for you like palletizing, wrapping. etc. (No warranty applied on shipped item in case of damage)
Customer pickup:
You will be able to test as long as you want and have demo and training, and we will load your equipment on your truck to make things very easy (No warranty applied on customer pickup item if no loading dock, forklift or truck with liftgate available on your site)





We can't say buying new device or machine is wrong. Absolutely it is a fresh breathing and great image for your business. "But what if you don't want or can't pay for it"
"Your alternative way will be the remanufactured under warranty one that can save you up to 70%"
Especially when your business revenue can't afford to give away large piece to the office equipment demand
Leasing is a good idea, but you don't want to be locked in contract that can finally be the worst scenario after few months, usually corporates and government lease to avoid assets management and surplus, and because they have an estimated annual usage that they want to control the cost of it like banks, DPS or the USPS, and the other side is their policy to follow guidelines.
"Simply lease is 170-200% of the MSRP cost going into payments"
Small or mid-size business owners looking for alternative way to seize the technology and build their business without putting their investment inside the office equipment
But you can't be a victim of junk and used equipment from an unknown source. It is going typically to destroy your business
You are going to lose your temper as a successful businessman/ businesswoman because a device stopping all the time when you needed to fulfillment your task
We offer a competitive price on remanufactured and guaranteed high-end technology office equipment that is a must by any office.
Printers, computers and projectors, for example, will need all the time supplies from toners to lamps and more, the refurbished device is the cheaper even in supplies, and the market have already stocked tonnes of them. Cheaper in repair and resell


Pre-sales and after sales support

To get consultancy, no purchase is required
You are welcome to discuss or open any inquiry before you buy, and even more no purchase is necessary.
We want to be sure that you buy the right thing and will have in your office the device that does the job as proposed
So many customers called to inquire about one or more of our inventory, but after understanding their needs we advised them to buy another model that at this time we didn't have in stock, it isn't about selling. It is about building trust
You don't have to know all the models or read every PDF file for every product, and you don't have to buy equipment that well known for technicians as horrible or non-fixable, sometimes you may buy a device that is below then your monthly volume and will disappoint you even if the manufacturers website recommendation applies but only because you couldn't meet the requirement, so please feel free to ask and we are deeply more than happy to assist you
Be careful; today, most manufacturers include big brands use universal products and re-brand it to their own, and when their original source discontinues the production line they can't support some models leaving you in big loose