Equipment Finance

We’re excited to announce that ExecutiveMatic LLC has partnered with First Citizen Bank to offer financing options to our customers nationwide. First Citizens Bank is the largest equipment finance provider in the country, and most customers can get approved instantly. 

To qualify for credit approval, customers must meet the following requirements:

- A minimum credit score of 640
- A minimum of two years in business (24 months since officially registering the business)
- No recent bankruptcy or default on previous loans or financing

First Citizens Bank application is available online, and approval is obtained instantly for eligible buyers. If your application isn't approved, you will be prompted to provide additional information, or someone will contact you to help find a better financing solution.

First Citizens Bank will report the loan to your business credit, not your personal credit.

This partnership will enable us to serve our customers better and help them achieve their business goals.

Please ensure that all your credit files are unfrozen before applying, as it is a hard inquiry.

To apply, please send us an email or call 754-732-2155.